How to Get Pregnant – saving time and money!

photo credit: joshua sage, santa fe


look, you are an individual. your body and your fertility are optimized in a personalized way.

while there are indeed some generalizations for all TTCers, we have to assess what you need specifically to optimize your fertility and increase your chances to conceive! – and this assessment, at the outset , is what is going to save you time and money!


  • learning your own fertility physiology will increase your chances to conceive and lessen your chances to need any medical help
  • you can get pregnant faster when you learn your own body and how conception actually works. saving time also means saving heartache. those lack-of-pink-lines are hard to look at too many times!

Even if you are just starting your TTC journey, optimization can save you precious time, money and unpleasant disappointments.

here is a good list to start you off:

  • start tracking your cycle in detail. learn when you ovulate exactly. know the exact day, learn if you have fertile cervical fluid for 3-5 days prior to ovulation. if not, we need to do the things that support better cervical fluid.this is most important from the VERY BEGINNING
  • if there is any doubt, or if your partner or known-donor is over 36 years old, get his semen analyzed. most doc and hospital labs can do this easily and fast and test the basics for reasonable prices.
  • learn where your cervix is and if it is in the optimal position 3-5 days before and during ovulation
  • the best days to conceive are PRIOR to your ovulation. sperm should be there waiting. NOTE: typically healthy sperm can survive 3-7 days in the woman’s reproductive tract.
  • eat well, exercise daily – including things like dancing to fun music, so that joy is part of the work-out, live generously – this increases your joy and low-stress, that is – giving of yourself to others. 🙂
  • if you do not have EWCM or it does not come on the days prior to ovulation regularly , do diet, herbs and lifestyle adjustments to help your body make it. this stuff is essential !


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