Womb Preparation for at-home or clinic conceptions

Whether we are preparing to receive embryos from the lab or cooking them in our own fallopian tubes, there are things we can do to prepare the womb and add our own nourishment to the chances of success.
Mostly, of course, that is: rest, trust and be calm (as much as possible:-)
Remember, even if adventuring in IVF land, we never know if lack of conceiving prior was due to any “non receptivity ” of the womb. In IVF they will give hormones and check the thickness of the uterine lining prior to transfer, and these are helpful methods and indicators, yes.
We can also help with the following DIY, at-home methods:
– Uterine Massage. Self massage.
I recommend in the bath with oil in the hand: Almond is good. Castor oil is best (but can stain towels, clothes and bathtub too so take care).
Castor oil has cleansing properties and is known to be the only topical oil that penetrates the skin’s layers and both cleanses and relaxes smooth muscle tissue. You can do these massages everyday/evening .
Helpful to look at some anatomy pics so you know where your womb is. It is likely lower and smaller than you imagine. Any intuitive massaging movement is good. Small circular motions all around are recommended. These massages are both cleansing and blood circulating.
Blood circulation cannot be over-stated as important for EVERY aspect of conceiving and sustaining pregnancy.
– Black Strap Molasses
In Chinese medicine this natural food is a blood tonifier, and nutrient rich (you can easily read more online). Use 1 TBSP (or so) in a hot cup of water , like tea. 1-2 times per day.
– Red Raspberry leaf tea
An ages old uterine tonic, I learned from my Herbalist.You can buy in loose leaf. Steep a handfull of leaves in a quart of already-boiled water overnight and drink at room temperature in every glass of water you drink all day.
– Eat protein rich meal -or snacks- every 3-ish hours.  This, I was taught by NDs, helps regulate blood sugar levels and keep insulin levels balanced. Here are some online research articles related to this (but I learned mostly from my Chinese Docs directly, they are very familiar, typically)
The soul of the child always knows. We do our best to feather the nest.


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