why  fertility  mapping ?


Doctors primarily provide – INTERVENTION.


We teach you – OPTIMIZATION.

now you are at the center of your Fertility




Typically, conventional medicine does not address the whole system, but rather works to intervene on a segment. This medical model can indeed be very helpful in some particular situations when TTC. Yet, FIRST, we can learn about our individual body and it’s functioning for fertility, as well learn what is out-of-balance, and then OPTIMIZE our own fertility with DIY at-home methods.

There is typically a gap in time from when a woman or couple asks their Doc to help them with their pregnancy hopes and when they are routed to high price-tag, maximal intervention and technological methods. There is so much we can do for ourselves in that GAP where our average medicine is not giving us much.





you can take charge of your fertility





Fertility Mapping is a comprehensive, proven, method based in a series of personal consults. I teach you how to assess and understand your own fertility physiology, and ways to optimize yourself to be optimally fertile!

IF you then choose clinical intervention methods, of any sort, you can make the most time & cost efficient decisions, based in self-advocacy and mental focus.


With Fertility Mapping, you could save both precious time & money!

Not to mention, heartache.

fertility mapping can help!

teaching women to

  • Know your Fertility Window
  • Track Ovulation
  • Balance your cycle

learn fertility physiology

  • Proven methods for “self-insemination”
  • Methods of “Conception Sex”
  • Timing Sex optimally

 & essential fertility facts

  • Diet, Lifestyle upgrades, Supplements
  • Fertile physiology signs


and more…

  • how can i help my hormones balance?
  • what are DIY ways to increase my chances to conceive?
  • how do i make myself more fertile?
  • what lifestyle adjustments will really help me conceive?
  • how can i help my body ovulate without meds?
  • what are the best days and ways to have sex for conception?
  • how do i accurately track my cycle?
  • why does tracking matter?
  • how do i get my period regularly?
  • how do i know when/if i am ovulating?
  • how do i decide when to see an infertility specialist?
  • how can i understand diagnoses?
  • what tests do i really need to get?
  • how do i know if IUI would really help my situation?
  • how do i do at-home insemination DIY?
  • what are my options as a single woman?
  • what are our options as a lesbian couple?

along with expert compassionate counseling

…every step of the way!

do you really need IVF or do you want another way? 

you can learn your fertility physiology and do a ton to help your body along

before considering interventions which are high-ticket, high-stress and low-success rates.

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NOTE:   “I am a well-informed & well-researched, extensively self-trained & educated, as well as a kind-hearted member of the society, offering services.  I am not a Medical Professional. The information here is meant to supplement any advise of your own chosen Medical team.” – Keren

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