When to see an Infertility Specialist

From the point of view of my services here in Fertility Mapping, if you are under 37, there are a number of important self assessments and self-help in fertility issues to do BEFORE seeking an infertility doctor.

Before I go into those ways to self-assess your own fertile health, I will note: things like fibroids, endometriosis, blocked tubes can most times be best assessed with in-lab tests including ultrasounds, and cannot be assessed by home methods.


when you sense it is the time to see a specialist MD, that must be the right time! trust yourself.

ASSESSMENT #1: for the guy involved.

semen analysis – in many states you do not even need a doctors order, it is easy and cheap(ish)…there are special condoms (not cheap) you can order online and do collection at home in a natural feeling sexual way (rather than needing to expel in a lab room alone).

there are studies i read that show that sperm quality/qunatity is better when collected in a natural sexual intimate way (at home ). make sense to me

#2 :  fertile CF. If you don’t got it, in the same time sperm get in that vaginal tract and cervix, they are most likely to die on contact.  fertile CF is essential. you can assess this yourself and do things to increase it if needed.

preseed sperm-friendly lubricant is a last resort but NOT as good as your own body’s fertile CF

#3:  sperm on cervix. is your partner’s penis hitting your cervix when he expels the sperm?

This can be very helpful, so you should make sure that is happening. If there are no positions that do that for you two, then you might have an “anatomical mis-match” in sizes and thus better off doing self-inseminations at home. Sperm should be on cervix when TTC, rather than just in vagina, for the best chances it get into the womb!

#4:  female orgasm AFTER sperm are up on cervix. at least one 🙂

#5:  luteal phase length.

after ovulation – does your temp go up? does your cervix close?.. and does your period come at least 13-14 days after?

if not, you might have a luteal phase issue and need to use progesterone creams or other progesterone supports

#6:  ovulation timing.

is your ovulation on or around CD13-16?   If not, you might need to boost estrogen in the follicular phase (there are herbs for this) and support LH surge as well.

look over these, see how you assess yourself.

if there are any of the above to work on, all of these can be worked on DIY, if you want. and then if the DIY ways do not help enough, then you can always do the interventions later…there are benefits and also limits to all the conventional infertility treatments. i found it best to work with my own body to the max, first.


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