What is the Best way to know Ovulation day?


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Even well-informed and experienced-tracking women are sometimes getting mixed signals when they track.

They want to know: what is the best way to know the day of ovulation?

The subtext to the question is the idea that knowing O day is essential, but surprisingly, it is not.

What I mean is – it is really good to know your ovulation day, but more so- it is important to know these two things:

  1. when are you fertile and best time thus to get sperm in there.
  2. did O happen (even if you cannot pinpoint the day precisely)

here are the notes for determining the above:

The time of the month you are certainly fertile these should be in place

  1. EGG-White (like) Cervical Fluid or slimy, clear CF
  2. a cervix that is high, soft and open
  3. usually these are evident 3-5 days before O and if so, that would be truly fertile

Ovulation actually happening is confirmed by all these being in place:

  1. an OPK positive with a BBT temp rise some number of days later

The LH surge will in most cases predict ovulation . Sometimes we do have a false early surge. You’d only know that if your test is positive early in your cycle and you do not confirm ovulation. Test with OPKs again, in that case, and likely you will see another LH surge followed by Ovulation. s

IF you are getting mixed signals, note this:

  1. EWCM prior to and at least up to one day before O is very important

If you don’t have that type of CF or have it back up to or overlap with your O day, it might be a sign of some even small hormonal imbalance. That would mean that it’s time to tune up your overall health: diet, exercise, sleep and belly massages, to name a few areas. Potentially also natural supplements that support pituitary health.

In order to ensure that sperm survive the vaginal tract and swim up to the uterus we want to “feed” them EWCM. Of course, many sperm will be troopers and get up there anyway, but if we are TTC we need to give them optimal conditions to ensure our best chances for success.


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