“Rather than wading through mounds of online information that may or may not be accurate,

Would you like expert consulting by your side every step of the way?

After 5 years of exhaustive research & study during my own over-40 TTC journey, I can now happily offer you the Fertility Mapping method, a series of personal consults mapping your way to conceive.”

Fertility Mapping

Charts Your Way to Conceive

1.    Observation

  • track your fertility signs
  • self-assessments to know what your hormones are doing -or not doing
  • fully understanding how your fertile body works

2.    Ownership

  •  charting your cycle
  • knowing what your physiological body-signs mean to you
  • determining your “fertile window” & choosing exact days to BD
  • understanding clinical testing options & results

3.   Optimization

  • herbal, diet, lifestyle adjustments for your specific situation
  • methods for conception sex & self-insemination
  • guidance for blood & u/s testing via your medical provider
  • choosing if & when to use medical interventions (medicines, IUI, IVF, etc)
  • DIY methods to optimize fertility at-home

why fertility mapping?

why not just see a doc?

fertility mapping seed

  • 60 min CONSULT
  • a FOLLOW UP EMAIL: personalized optimization assignments
  • membership in our closed FB group
  • the AT-HOME TRACKING packet


fertility mapping sprout


  • 1 hour CONSULT
  • as needed EMAIL FOLLOW UPS
  • 30 min. follow-up @ week 4-6
  • membership in our closed FB group


 fertility mapping optimal



  • 60 min CONSULT
  • as needed EMAIL FOLLOW UPS
  • membership in our closed FB group
  • 1 HOUR consult in week 6 and week 9


a la carte   20 min consults

after the FREE-initial consult or any package 



do you really need IVF or do you want another way?

you can learn your fertility physiology and do a ton to help your body along

before considering interventions which are high-ticket, high-stress and low-success rates.

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  • in cases of financial hardship, please request a sliding scale request form.

NOTE:   “I am a well informed, extensively self-trained and kind-hearted citizen, offering services.  I am not a degree-holding medical professional. The information here is meant to supplement any advise of your own chosen Medical team.” – Keren

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