What is a Natural Fertility Expert?

A fertility expert is not always a doctor

In fact, Doctors tend to have more expertise in synthetic medicines and artifical (vs natural) technologies. Medical Doctors’ advice tends to funnel women who want to get pregnant toward methods that are “Intervention” based. Some office-visit methods can lead quickly to ART(artificqal Reproducative TEchnologies), which are high price-tag, highly complex procedures which intervene on a segment of the whole reproductive system to hopefully make a pregnancy happen (stats anywhere from 25-75% success depending on the technique and the woman’s age and health.)


You can choose “Optimization” methods with a Natural Fertility Expert guiding you.

These methods:

  1. Observe and notate what is and is not working with your reproductive cycle
  2. Optimize your fertility and chances to conceive with all natural, and primarily, DIY means.


So, What is a Natural Fertility Expert?


A natural fertility expert knows how to


  1. observe the body’s signs
  2. interpret what might be working, and, not-working in your hormones
  3. guide folks to the best MDs, NDs, and other medical professionals for their specific situation


A Natural Fertility Expert will help you help your own body to get fertile and also to get pregnant.


How Did I Become a Natural Fertility Expert ?

I wanted pregnancy so badly, I was already 40 and single – – I got focused and serious, researched exhasutively and studied relentlessly.


I trained with others who were Experts. This training included: extensive interviews with advanced-degreed Reproductive Technologists who work right in the labs – with sperm, with eggs, and have seen it all under the microscope; regular consulting with MDs who are also NDs and knew fertility physiology impeccably; studying the Fertility Awareness Method to chart my cycle, and poring over books by the experts in this field; and not the least – my years-long trial and error in all things fertility including at-home inseminations.


Want to be Fertile?

There is no magic pill.

(Don’t believe the hype, and don’t waste money on it)


There IS , however, a lot YOU can do.

It starts with LEARNING, and I can teach you.


When it was my turn TTC was indeed able to:

  1. Get both my cycle and ovulation on-time at 41 years of age, for the first time in my life
  2. De-bunk a PCOS diagnosis
  3. Generate fertile Cervical Fluid, also ontime
  4. Assess & Heal sub-clinical Thyroid issues
  5. Heal recurrent ovarian cysts
  6. Conceive a few times in 2 years


All of the above Fertility Optimization was via at-home and DIY methods including: charting, fertility awareness, lifestyle adjustments, diet changes, meditations, chinese medicine, and supplemental nutrition.

your body is signaling –

do you know how to listen?


your body tells you -directly – about what it needs to get fertile and get pregnant. I can teach you to interpret it. As a Natural Fertility Expert, I can show you how to use that information to save you time and money.


This is where a Natural Ferility Expert comes in: learning your body and helping it along. She can read your body’s daily and monthly signs. Through these, your fertility physiology can be self-assessed, and the indicators can be followed to know what are the best Natural paths and remedies for you. Then, your GYN and MD can be even more effective. You already have the self-knowledge to share with them, as you can choose together what testing or medicines might be needed and be effective – or, not.


You do not have to do this alone

You do not have to be in the dark

Fertility Experts can help

~ I am happy to…




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