What is a fertility coach? And how will she help me?

What is a Fertility Coach?

A Fertility Coach – walks with you every step of the way.

Fertility Mapping is a unique approach to fertility coaching.

We “chart” your way to conceive

Step 1: Where are you now?

Step 2: What is your precise goal?

Step 3: We start placing markers and map out your way, step by step

You will receive a unique-to-you education , about YOUR fertility physiology.

  • How to self-assess
  • How to track your cycle
  • How to have conception sex and/or self-insemination DIY
  • How to interface with empowerment, with Docs, tests and diagnoses
  • How to understand diagnoses
  • What are the options with hormone imbalances that are DIY
  • When to use interventions and when to hold off
  • How to optimize everything about your fertility DIY


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