Uterine or pelvic massage for fertility

How does uterine or pelvic massage help fertility?

Here is one fertility boost that I cannot claim to have studied – I think I’d be hard pressed to find any research on this specifically….but largely intuitively I feel strongly about pelvic massage being of benefit. It just makes sense! And, we can look at research regarding the benefits of blood flow and circulation, too.

To me, it’s common sense and completely intuitive to use uterine or pelvic massage to boost fertility

When it was my TTC turn, I had my own routine: every evening from end-of-period until ovulation, I made a very warm bath.  I rubbed castor oil between my palms, laid back, and massaged all over below my navel for a good ten minutes.

Simple common sense tells us this method would increase blood circulation. There is a lot of research and medical support for increased blood circulation for nearly everything in health!

Let’s take a look…

What we gain from self-massage for our uterus/ovaries/tubes is:

  • knowing we did our best, from all angles, including this one. A hands-on help!
  • relaxing the smooth-muscle of our inner organs to decrease chance of muscle spasm/toughness that could interrupt their function
  • increasing blood flow
  • with increased blood flow is increased O2 supply, increased nutrients to the tissues/organs
  • increased function of the lymphatic system for detoxification of tissues and cells.

In a journal by the women’s wellness collective, they write:

“The circulation system is responsible for carrying blood, which is filled with nutrients, water, and oxygen, to every single cell within the body, as well as for clearing stagnation from the lymphatic system. Having vibrant circulation helps promote cellular growth and optimal functioning of the body’s organs.”

(see also  https://thewomenswellnesscollective.com/journal/2018/5/31/circulation-for-longevity )


In a blog by A.vogel swiss nutritional supplements

Helen Cosgrove writes:

The circulatory system is an organ system driven by the heart, to provide a constant supply of blood to the body through the blood vessels and is important because;

  • It supplies oxygen and nutrients to all body cells.
  • It removes any waste products or toxins from the body.
  • The flow of blood helps to heal any wounds or injuries in the body.
  • It also regulates the temperature and pH level in the body.

( See more at  https/::www.avogel.co.uk:health:circulation:10-superfoods-to-promote-good-circulation: 


how can i do uterine massage for fertility?

  • Self-massage.   Self-massage is a perfect route. Your hands, your body. Other options are professionals experienced in visceral manipulation or mayan abdomenal massage. But I liked doing this myself!
  • While bathing.  in warm bath or hot tub, all the muscles are softer and it is easier to feel the pliability of the abdomen. I think this way is best.
  • Intuitively.   use intuition on stroke pressure, shapes, etc. circles are great, so are just long sweeps
  • Oil up.     If you want to use oil, you can, even in the bath. Castor oil is a good choice (see below), while also the messiest choice. almond oil is nice too
  • Prep your music.    It can help both to focus and to move your hands smoothly if you set up a playlist. Choose a few relaxing songs, maybe that total 10-15 minutes.
  • On Your Back.  If not in the bath, flat on your back is the next best option for self massage on uterus, ovaries and pelvis.


Why use castor oil? (and when not to)

Learning about castor oil was one of the best parts for me of learning about fertility. It apparently has some very unique qualities which make it the best oil to use for massage of organs.

see also this article from FFR’s resources page   https://natural-fertility-info.com/castor-oil-therapy

Putting together information from my MD/NDs over a few years of consults, I have understood that one element unique to castor oil is it’s ability to penetrate the skin and get to the organs we are massaging and cleansing. In addition, it helps the lymphatic system do it’s job of keeping our systems clean. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and gives de-toxification support. It softens tissues, even scar tissue, and can get to organ tissue, which is muscle and can spasm, or soften depending on conditions.

It is well-known that castor oil is a laxative for these reasons. I used castor oil paks on my intestines regularly many years ago when I was having issues of spastic colon. The method helped my colon relax and do it’s job, the peristalsis, correctly. It was truly amazing healing. I also used them when I had frequent ovarian cysts. This method surely helped me nearly rid any cysts from occurring on my ovaries.

It is also well-known that castor oil shows great success when needed to induce labor, causing uterine muscle to make movements. This is why we DO NOT use castor oil in massage or paks anytime after ovulation when TTC. We might be pregnant. And if so, we do NOT want the uterus to contract at all. So for TTC, castor oil use is very specific to CD1 – until ovulation ONLY.

what other ways can I boost my fertility level?

Pay attention. Learn to track your cycle daily. Learn to understand your data. It will tell you so much.

  • nutrition
  • exercise
  • sleep habits
  • supplements and herbs
  • superfoods
  • healthy oils and fats

Can all help you increase your fertility level.

See these videos!


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