Tips for Trying to Conceive, TTC

 Even if you are young and spry, and healthy –  and certainly if you are a bit older -tips for trying to conceive are important to the journey!

People in TTC often ask “when should i worry?” or “when should i see a fertility specialist or my doc?”

I say – don’t ever worry. It never helps. And-

Get support in TTC right away. Your doc? maybe. But wherever you get more info and more understanding of your own body and how conception works – do it right away – why wait at all?  (this is NOT the conventional perspective, btw)

I’d say – Why waste time and energy going along a path thinking you are TTC but maybe you don’t actually have enough information to optimize your chances of conception!

From the beginning you can optimize your conception chances with some basic information and education.

Firstly, there is nothing more essential than intimately learning your own cycle: that is, from day 1 of your period until the next one. When we begin to track in detail, we  learn what is happening in your body in each phase of your cycle.

There are hormones levels and physiological signs and signals. Depending on your unique cycle (every woman’s is unique and some are very particular) then look into protocols, herbs, diet adjustments, as needed. This way you can up your fertility potential specifically to what your body is doing and asking!

see this short video to get the basic tips for trying to conceive


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