Timing Intercourse: Your fertile window

Timing intercourse is an essential part of optimization when trying to conceive.

Yet, many people assume this “best-sex” time to be at ovulation, or simply halfway through their cycle. This is not really accurate.

Re-education, like “fertility for real” provides, includes teaching the specific time of the Fertile Window. It is actually a number of days prior to, and including, ovulation. Often, for most women, the best day to conceive is 1-2 days BEFORE ovulation. And, we need to track each woman for a few months, herself, because the timing of the fertile window varies between women. It can also vary each month with the same woman.

Learning when your fertile window is, can typically be a process of tracking closely over a few months’ time.

Then, within the fertile window – ALL days are good for conception sex, but SOME are BEST!

here are some important tips:

  • learn about your fertile cervical fluid and how to track if/when you have it.
  • start to notice patterns in the day you ovulate so each month you’ll have some more information to support knowing what is 1-2 days before your ovulation
  • learn how to use and read ovulation tests to determine for sure your LH surge. While most packages say to test every 12-24 hours, I suggest to test every 6 hours on the days you most expect the surge.

If you have to choose best days, here it is most simply:

best day #1:  then you have EWCM (the most fertile CF) –  and  -have a positive LH surge at-home test – and-  it is indeed day 11/12/13/14 of your cycle.

best day #2:  you have EWCM – and- a positive LH surge test

best day #3: you have EWCM, you are seeing your LH increase on a strip test, and you are day 11/12/13/14 of your cycle

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