Step by step : At Home Insemination with Soft Cup

WOW! SO many are getting the idea that for at-home insemination and even conception with a partner, soft cups are an excellent choice – yet !!- there is a lot of misunderstanding about HOW to use soft cups for conception!

Let me clear this up. Soft cups for insemination and conception are a perfect option for single women or lesbian couples. They can also be really useful in many cases for hetero- couples too.

To understand how soft cups work for at home insemination and conception, we have to get familiar with anatomy.

The woman’s cervix IS where you WANT SPERM to get into. And, by the way, you want the sperm in there WITH your CF (cervical fluid) being the consistency of “egg-whites”. (more about that in other posts about CF)

Therefore, the ONLY effective way to use a soft cup (or, instead cup) is to get the sperm INSIDE the cup and UP AGAINST the cervix- both!

Adding a soft cup after sex has somehow gained popular attention, but that could in fact decrease your chances of success! What if the sperm are still swimming up to the cervix and get there only to find it covered by a cup!

here is the step-by-step for at home insemination with a soft cup:

(and below is a box to click to go order some delivered to your door!)

PRACTICE first. on days when you are NOT in your fertile window. that is AFTER you egg has come and gone or in the first few days right after your period.

use kefir or some yogurt that is a little runny like kefir

put about a half teaspoon in the soft cup.

you can then squat, lie on your back or stand.

fold the cup in half, slide it up vaginal canal while keeping it folded. you are wanting to get ALL the way up. when it hit the end, that is your cervix (the opening to the uterus). then let it unfold, it will as you release holding the fold and it will pop in around the cervix. the cervix will feel like your nose…as if you just stuck that cup on your nose.

you can /should also practice just feeling your cervix, at different times of day – (bec it moves and can be easier/harder to feel at various times)

do the same, squat , stand with one leg up about 1 ft resting on stool or bedside, or lie back…and use your longest finger. insert slowly and even massage outside of Vag first, bec that helps the muscles automatically relax….reach to the end, you will feel a nose-like thing – that is your cervix.


fresh or frozen sperm? we will discuss as if you are using fresh sperm

  1. collect the semen in a clean cup, then take it up into a clean syringe, at least a 5 ml. you can use as much semen as you can collect, up to 5 ml.
  2. expell the semen into a soft cup. yes, (for those who ask) into the side that makes a cup and will hold the semen in it.
  3. then do as you did in your practices:
  4. fold the cup in half in a way that holds the semen inside
  5. use the insertion technique that you practiced and that works so that little or no semen spills out and you get the cup open and covering your cervix

now relax

have at least one orgasm :-)!


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