Nourish Fertility is a package of 3 guided meditations

for every step of your way to pregnancy. 3 Meditations:

  • morning fertility – “it’s a new day”
  • midday fertility – “wise action”
  • nighttime fertility – “body scan and intention”

Keren’s soothing voice with specific instructions, sincere companionship, along with lovely music, helps you to focus on fertility in nourishing, healthy and productive ways.

Healing from PCOS imbalance? Recovering from repeated miscarriage? Dealing with the hard mystery of unexplained infertility? Focusing your attention will help!

And, these recordings from Keren, your Natural Fertility Expert, do focus your attention to be kind to your dear body, aware of your productive/unproductive thoughts, and goal-oriented. With these recordings (about 12 min each) you pinpoint what is important and helpful to your fertile hopes, you can achieve a more peaceful attitude and help your body be in good balance, which is what fertility is about.

Talk to your body in effective ways

Your way to pregnancy is eased and your chances increase, with these 3-times-a-day guided meditations, a steady companion.



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Morning Fertility Meditation: It’s a New Day

This morning meditation is specific to starting your day with calm and an open mind. With detailed guidance to attend to the breath, you are at a fresh starting point every day, with your fertile goals!

Releasing any past story is one of the best things we can do for our fertility. Our body wants to get pregnant and is built to get pregnant. If that fails, your body is still trying! So, with a more intimate connection to your own body, and the fullness of your breath, you can start each day, while TTC, in the best way.

Midday Fertility Meditation: Wise Action

Use this guided meditation while walking or exercising or anytime you are feeling active and ready to sort out the best action to take. This meditation is unique in that rather than helping you get more internally focused and relaxed, the internal focus of this meditation helps you clarify your action-oriented thoughts. Clear thoughts composed help you lead to the wisest and most efficient action.

With keren’s calming guidance, your mind gets focused in a peaceful way. You will also exit this meditation knowing clearer what you are now ready to do, the next step, on your way to pregnancy.

Evening Fertility Meditation: Body Scan and Intention

This guided meditation comes with a 3 1/2 minute preface where keren teaches: “you do not have to worry, you could choose to worry. Do you want to?”

The next nearly ten minutes is all for gracing your body with your attention, care and releasing the grip of thoughts, for a night’s rest.

Along with keren’s guidance you sanctify this time in your evening to release tension, ground yourself, and clear your mind. The mind-body technique of “body-scanning” helps you indeed “feather your nest”, inviting a new life to come join you right inside your ease-full body.

keren guides you through the cleansing of a body-scan, allows time for you to continue mind attention on the areas that need more attention, and takes you to the place of ease, where your just one or two clear thoughts will be most potent.