Self Insemination or IUI – what is more effective?

Whether you are solo or partnering, there is a lot to consider when choosing between IUI or self- insemination at-home!

The Docs will quickly sell you IUI, but until you learn your body (and partner’s body) very well, and learn the techniques well, you cannot make your own informed choice. IUI may not actually help your particular situation, and it could make your chances less!

And self-insemination , too, may even be better for your chances than IUI or even your “normal sex”!

This is very important to learn about even if you think you have no fertility issues – self insemination may still increase your odds greatly and get you pregnant faster.

Learn more in this short video about self insemination and IUI


Self insemination or IUI

We must consider a few things that are specific to your case in order to determine:

  1.  Is there a sperm issue of any kind?
  2. Are you well-tracking your ovulation day and/or are you willing to have a “trigger shot”?
  3. How is your CF (cervical fluid) – is it up to par?

One of the biggest factors to consider is the difference in lifetime for fresh, frozen and/or washed sperm.  The information about this is actually surprisingly obscure. But, realize this, some things, like the lifetime of sperm in a female’s reproductive system, are very hard to simulate in a lab setting. From what i have found, one can expect

  • fresh sperm lifetime – normal: 2-3 days, potentially even 4-5-7 days
  • frozen sperm, thawed (unwashed) lifetime:  24 hours
  • frozen sperm, thawed and washed:  (very conflicting opinions) could be as short as 9 hours!!

Another major consideration is cost – a huge variance between the two options, since self insemination can cost only a few bucks – literally. So, good to be sure which is best for you.

See the video below to learn more about your consideration of self insemination or IUI


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