get pregnant- here are fertility facts!

Please apply this perspective: your doctors are typically looking for what is wrong, rather than what is right and how to enhance it. They are also part of an establishment that promotes diagnoses which are often more limiting labels than problem-solving stepping stones.

When we are wishing to conceive, and having any degree of troubles along the way, what we need are the “stepping stones”, we need the map, even as most of it will be drawn right as we step!

Let’s re-gain our fertility empowerment. After all, power is what we need access to to conceive – the streaming life-force from, let’s visualize it as, all the stars spinning in the cosmos, coming in and through us to create a new life! We need to be in a stance where WE are at the CENTER of our experience. That means

  • being well informed of the facts and various takes and positions on them
  • being well educated about our own bodies and cycles, our own fertility anatomy & physiology
  • being balanced in our activity/rest, work/play, directed/diffuse attention
  • being pro-active in our health: physical & emotional
  • being clear what the “soul call” is that moves us to want to conceive and styaing steadfast in this knowing despite what others may tell us are the facts.

This final point might be hard to get and seem fanciful. But, I ask, give this a try – no one outside of you knows your life path better than you. And no one outside of you has to live out your choices. Thus, I encourage to re-gain your fertility empowerment, you repeatedly return yourself to the center of the map. It is your life. Facts, as far as they are helpful, are indeed useful. We must also acknowledge as de facto that facts can change. change is constant in our reality. So, the point is simply, we cannot allow our attention to facts to take us away from our attention to our goals. In fact, we use them only to inspire our goals further.

See this short video about re-gaining your fertility empowerment


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