What Are the Best LH tests? And How Do I Track Ovulation?

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

using an ovulation test is a necessary part of tracking fertility.

yet, it is NOT the only part.

each woman also needs to become very familiar with her cervical fluid (if it is fertile fluid) and her cervix position to be sure that:

  1. she is ovulating
  2. she is ovulating at a “ripe” time (12-17 days into cycle)
  3. sperm can make it to her egg!

i suggest getting two types of ovulation tests and using both  – -in addition to the above tracking skills.

clear blue easy (more expensive) and wondfo ovulation test strips (very cheap)

use the test strips from day 10 until you are sure you have found the LH surge. on the day you think those strips do show a surge, double check with clear blue easy. once you track the surge, you are 24-26 hours away from ovulating. that surge-time is prime-time to conceive – IF your cervix is well positioned and your cervical fluid is sperm-food style! we can talk more about tracking those in our personal consultations

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