Lunaception – the moon and your cycle, and your chances to conceive!

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Is your cycle too short? or your ovulation late?

These things can reduce your chances TTC. I have found many Docs brush this off, but to me it is obvious! A short cycle can point to a low progesterone level in the luteal phase. If this is happening, there might be issues for a new few-celled embryo in implanting into the uterus and sticking there!  If your ovulation is late, this may indicate an “over-ripe” egg.

I learned both of these in my time TTC and learned how to track and self-assess if these are happening.

There are some natural and DIY ways to help your cycle get crisp. Remember, our approach is “enhancement” over the typical medical-model of “intervention”. And, I am here to share with you your enhancement options.

When I was TTC, I found out about “Lunaception”. Not sure who coined the term, but there is a good article about it here:

There is also an interesting study that confirms what is well known amongst women: in nature, our menstral cycle and the lunation cycle do align.

The upshot is:

You want to sleep in as close to total dark as possible, at least for the week surrounding and including the new moon (when it is, by nature, dark at night). In modern times, street and outdoor home lights can interfere with the signal to our brain that it is actually and fully – dark.  Room darkening curtains help. But, also, these great little eye masks can do the trick. (In the box below is one I suggest…)

Then, of course, in the full moon, we want ambient light. Leave curtains open or , use a candle. Let it burn all night. A little tea light in a glass can be great. (The box below shows a good buy!)

Give it a couple month’s of being regular with your light-adjustments just before and during your sleep…and see. There are many reporting this, itself, helped their cycle become crisp and rhythmic.



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