What about using a known donor?

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It makes for a very interesting “let’s have coffee” conversation. When it was m turn, most of my “asks” were of men in other countries, phone had to do. Good thing, they could not see me spout with tears right after I finished my pitch.

AHHHH….There is a lot to consider when women think about using a donor to conceive.

Both known donors and anonymous donors have benefits.

I will post a discussion about this at another time, soon…

for now, i want to provide here some support for using a known donor. I came across this “known donor questionnaire”, which I thought could be helpful but indeed never ended up using myself. Whether you use it or not, it is food for thought if you are considering asking to use a person you know as a donor for your pregnancy.


** You might also like to know about the Semen Collection Condom. You cannot use anything else ! That is, if you decide to use a condom to collect semen . This is the only one. Pricey, yes, but effective and keeps sperm safe and that is what you need!



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