Increase your ewcm

It’s all about EWCM ladies, take note! So frequently I talk to women who hardly have this, or, who get it but on the wrong days.

ewcm is your fertile cervical fluid

That is the stuff your cervix produces during your fertile window. It has the consistency of egg-whites and is very stretchy!

It is what keeps sperm alive inside of you. Without it, they might die on-contact with the interior of the vagina. With it, they can live for days in your cervix, which they swam to easily also with your EWCM it’s ladder.

When your doctor gives your fertility work up, it is unlikely s/he will even discuss this factor. EWCM is a must when TTC!

So, what if your body is not making it? This indicates at least a minor hormone imbalance. See this post about how to balance hormones.

In addition, here is the check list for optimizing ewcm:

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate….and hydrate. Add in aloe vera juice, coconut water, and healthy oils: olive, avocado, coconut. If you want help to get products, visit our products page
  2. Eat healthy fats. Even eat oils by the spoonfuls
  3. Eat Whole Foods, rather than processed
  4. Balance your lifestyle with good rest and good activity.
  5. Eat flax seeds, soaked in water or in smoothie
  6. Add in organic yogurt and organic butter to your daily diet

Great supplements to consult with your own health care provider about:

1.  Evening primrose oil capsules – ONLY from cd1 until ovulation (do not use in luteal phase of cycle)

2. Fish Oils in capsules – high doses, daily

3.  Vitex for overall hormone balance ( See also this post for balancing hormones.)

4.  Marshmello root tea


If you want help to get products, visit our products page


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