I have Hope for Infertility

I have hope for Infertility

Here’s what I did.

I was 40 and single. I did not even know if I was fertile. But I was hell-bent on getting pregnant. I put the petal to the metal. To learn!

I got a great book. I tracked my BBT, LH, CF, religiously on charts and graphs.

I talked to experts who held both MDs and NDs and had focused on fertility for decades. With their teaching me, monthly for a while, I learned my body.

I got my cycles from some random 40-ish days, to a crisp 28-30, I healed recurrent ovarian cysts. My methods? all lifestyle adjustments, diet changes and supplements, and astute awareness

So why do I have hope for Infertility? Because even in my case – over 40 with recurrent ovarian cysts, late ovulation and short LP – I became abundantly fertile before I even let them give me a diagnosis.

I learned that most fertility medicine holds expertise in INTERVENTIONS – which we might need, in fact, I did in the end. While, my DIY, expert advise, methods were enhancements and they did help me conceive – a few times.

I also learned that “Unexplained Infertility” is permitted as a medical diagnosis, but tells a woman nothing. From there she so often learns only to hate her body and berate it. But in so many cases the MD never even asked – “have you checked your cervical fluid, do you have the fertile kind and enough of it?”- or- “What day do you ovulate, according to your at-home checks? Is it on-time?”  – and even the all-too-taboo inquiry into –  “Do you climax after his ejaculation?”

I want to share my hope for Infertility. Not in any way to dismiss it’s terrible hardships. !Not getting pregnant when we want, simply and easily – bites and stings! My hope is in sharing. In sharing not just commiseration , but education. I hope thousands more women can avoid that ache-filled label, at least for a while, by learning their own bodies. I know now firsthand that we can learn and optimize our own fertility physiology! Our bodies were magnificently built to do this.

Having experienced the pain of not-conceiving months upon months (over 40 and ticking)…the tragedy of positive pregnancy tests turned negative within days, the terror of a 6-week miscarriage, I am with all of you – the trials are over the top. I just do not want to allow any kind of Medicine to take us away from the intimacy we can have with our own body. I don’t want any woman to lose hope before it is absolutely necessary.

I want to be a voice for:

“honey, talk to me, I am your sister and you do not have to go through this alone”

while also – –

“dear woman, you have an amazing body that wants to get pregnant. I can help you learn it, like I learned mine when it was my turn, and you can just maybe get yourself the possibility of great fertility, all DIY!”

** footnote: DIY methods work best for issues that relate to subtle hormone imbalances. Structural issues, such as: interior scar tissue, blocked tubes, endometriosis, or fibroids are best to diagnosis with the help of imaging techniques, particularly IF our fertility is otherwise optimized by our DIY support, and we are still not getting pregnant.


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