I am a Single Woman and I Want to Get Pregnant

Options for a SIngle Woman to get pregnant

“I am a Single Woman and I Want to Conceive” – – Is this what you are now saying? now ready to say? need help, but want to state clearly to yourself?

This is very important to be able to know, claim and state – of course — if it is your truth.

For thousands of women worldwide this is in fact true. It is not our failures that got us here, not at all. it is not our first choice, usually. It is not what we dreamt, for many of us. But, still, many of us -in fact teems of us!- hear this call and must follow it.

We need resources. We need time and cost efficient facts and methods and guidance. There are few. Here is one: Fertility Mapping!

here is a checklist to start with:

  • what is your timeline?  do you have a few years to give to this process? do you feel it should be sooner?
  • what way of receiving sperm is in your soul’s-knowing?

this can be a hard one to sift through. but surely, getting clear on how you will receive that other essential part must be in line with the depth of you!

  • what is your end-point goal and what other end points would be acceptable (at this point)?

it is important to get clear what end-result you truly intend- conceiving by your own womb? your own egg? without medical treatments?  ….and also getting clear on “if not these” then what are acceptable “plan c” options maybe down the line?

with Fertility Mapping you will have all the guidance you need right by your side. I can walk with you every step of the way: learning your fertility physiology, choosing how you will conceive, the psychological processes that inevitably need attention, getting closer to that essential soul-knowing, and of course– mapping your course, step by step, with informed time and cost efficient choices.


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