How do I get the best chances to conceive?

To optimize your chances to conceive there are a number of things to pay attention to – and I suggest you do them from the beginning.

Dropping contraception, for many, is not enough. It might not be enough for you – and to just do that and go for a number of months may cause stress and tension you don’t need.

These essential TIPS are for people of any age and no matter how long you have been trying.

There are a number of rhythmic cycles as well as hormone and ph balances that are needed to be optimal in order to expect optimal fertility!

It might take some time and study to learn how to track them all in your body and how to enhance them all as well. Especially if you want to conceive natural, start right away to be educated about fertility physiology and anatomy.

This is the most important tip: start tracking daily, on a page, with a chart, your cycle’s physiology.

Take a holistic approach , meaning, become as fertile as possible using each means possible. Our basic health, will of course, directly effect our fertility.

Take a look at the following in your life:

  • how is my attitude and my mood? and how can I make these more positive and peaceful, both?
  • how balanced is my lifestyle: work/play, activity/rest, mental engagement/pure physical (exercise), enjoyment/seriousness
  • how is my diet?  and my use of nutritional supplementation ?

Also look more specifically at your fertility physiology (again this should take a couple months of daily tracking to assess)

  • am I ovulating between day 12 and 17 of my cycle?
  • are my periods full but not too heavy or painful?
  • is my impending ovulation showing clearly by the LH test and my temp changes?
  • are my basal temps in both follicular and luteal phases within the normal range?
  • is my partner’s sperm up to par ? (by lab testing)
  • do i have the right kind and adequate amount of cervical fluid on the days before ovulation?


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