How to do at-home Insemination – check list

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How to do at-home insemination?

Here are the Key Steps:

– Make sure you have EWCM and you are in your fertile window (that’s a whole other list)

– Collect semen in anything clean, have 2-5 ml syringe ready to gather that much out of the container and transfer it. Be prepared to get semen in woman’s tract within 30 minutes.

another option is a “semen collection condom”. A collection condom can be worn when wanting to collect semen for insemination (and NO other condom is ok for this, it might kill your seeds!). With this, the man can expel his seeds via various means, including sex if he has another partner, male or female.

(see the box below for a link to mail-order some)

– Put semen (via syringe) into Instead (soft) cup. These work great and are easy to get. See the box below for swift purchase via amazon.

Fold it, the insert cup into vagina and put up on cervix.

 IMPORTANT NOTE:  Practice first!  Best days to practice are in the first days after your period. Use a TBSP of  yogurt in the cup, rather than (sometimes costly!) semen. This way you will learn your own posturing and method, alone or with your lover. Your goal is to not only get it smoothly into place but without spilling. Yogurt, btw, will only nourish your vaginal tract, which is why I suggest it. However, aim for days before your fertile window so that it, and nothing, interferes with your fertile CF.

So, in your practices, you want the cup to hold all the semen (yogurt) up against your cervix, spill none or just a little inside, but not outside, the vagina.

– Lastly and very importantly – now have at least one orgasm while still lying down. If possible, at the same time, use a tool or your partner’s finger to press against the cup which is against your cervix. This extra method is best, but not essential.

– Leave the cup for 1-2 hours total, and best is to rest on your back or prone, (use intuition!) for at least 30 minutes.

– Pray


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