how many days after fertile CF is ovulation?

The exact days after fertile CF (EWCM) that ovulation happens can vary. It can vary between women or for one women on different months.

Typically Egg-White consistency CF (EWCM) precedes ovulation. A woman will notice EWCM anywhere from 1-5 days before ovulation. At best, this CF will also be on the day of ovulation. But it is not always.

BD (have sex/inseminate) every day of EWCM.

The optimal day is when:




Ovulation is NOT your target day for BD, maybe though that seems strange. You are NOT aiming to have sex on ovulation day, though you can and should include taht day as well (if sperm count is strong). Ideally sperm get up there and wait on that egg-lady to drop!

Your fertile window starts at the time you have fertile CF. All of the days of your fertile window are the days to BD (again if sperm count is strong).

The most fertile CF is the EWCM.  It is food for sperm! Other fertile CFs (less ideal, but still fertile) are wet, slippery and at least mostly clear.

BD on ALL days with EWCM .

What about the LH surge?

As soon as you see EWCM or even watery or slippery CF, you want to start LH tests (OPKs) . When you get a positive, you are 12-36 hours (usually more like 24-36)  from dropping an egg.

Sometimes we have EWCM for 2 to even 5 days before ovulation. Why have sex 5 days before ovulation? Because – If your sperm are “well and good” they happily live in the cervix and nibble on that CF until the egg is dropped and then they meet it at the fallopian tube. (note this: how do they know when to swim up? what intuition a one-cell little mind has – huh?!)

How do you confirm ovulation actually happened? (An LH positive test is not FULL confirmation)

Next, you watch for the changes in CF and cervical position. You also watch for your BBT rise to confirm that you ovulated. You need to see a marked and sustained increase to know you ovulated. It is the remains of the follicle that ruptured to let go of the egg that makes progesterone and this hormone increases your body temperature.

What to do after ovulation?

rest, enjoy life, eat well and pray.


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