How do I track my LH surge and Ovulation ?



They make it seem easy, on the packages. But there are some details to learn to actually do it right!

plus, there are a LOT of packages , ie. brands, so how to choose?

I can tell you from years of experience, what I chose and why.

Here are the best LH surge brands (according to me:-)

and how to use them!

FIRST  get the clear blue easy LH surge tests. I recommend the 20 ct. pack to start. You will only use 1-3 of these per month. These are the expensive ones! (See box below for quick access to purchase)

THEN  also get the Wondfo test strips. Get either a 50 ct, or a combo with a few HCG tests which we hope will be very handy in a couple of weeks! (See box below for where to purchase quickly)

NEXT  when you see you have fertile CF (wet, watery, slick or EWCM) start using the Wondfo test strips EVERY 6 HOURS (not what the packaging typically says!). I say for many women catching the start of the LH surge can make a difference – so every 6 hours, while you are awake. They are affordable enough and mostly accurate (which brings us to using the Clear Blue Easy Digital next…)

WHEN you get a positive on the Wondfo, double-check with a clear blue. Here is why: the Wondfo is a comparison test. You have to compare the density of the test line to the control line. You want to see that your test line is as dark or darker than the control line. Thing is, sometimes it is hard to tell. So, if you see your test line is at least (what you could call) 80% density of the test line then consider it a “likely positive” and re-test right away (same urine if possible, otherwise wait for next urine) with the Clear Blue digital.


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