How do I Know When I am Ovulating?

To know when you are ovulating is one of the essentials when you are wanting to conceive.

There is no one day that is common among all women, nor one day that is constant each month for one woman!

Therefore,it is essential to learn how to track your personal ovulation and fertility window if you are wanting to conceive in the most efficient manner – this applies to women and couples of any age!

How do I Know When I am Ovulating?

There are at-home LH urine tests that can tell you when you are about to ovulate as well as other very clear body signals – but the trick is – we can only know when we are about to ovulate, not exactly when it does happen.

So, both well timed intercourse and knowing your body’s signals of impending ovulation are essential!

“he” (sperm) should be in there waiting (with flowers:-) when “she” (egg) arrives!

see this short video to learn more about your ovulation timing and fertility window.



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