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Do you want help for PCOS?

                 let’s start at the beginning…

Medicine has decided to name this as a syndrome – that is, a collection of symptoms. I believe that naming this as a “thing”, a diagnosis, takes us to a disempowered place. We all too often think we are helpless to a problem of unknown source. So, let’s break it down to simple chunks.

If you have PCOS and want help, firstly, understand that what you actually have is a hormone imbalance. While this might feel mysterious, we can learn more and start to help our body make corrections.

I was diagnosed at 21, hardly having periods. I researched a ton. Books. Big books. Even then, at a young age I could see that:

PCOS is a hormone imbalance at it’s root.

My body needed my attention, and kind support to get back on-track

“Poly-cystic” means this:  Every month both ovaries develop follicles ready to release an egg. Typically one releases each month from one ovary and then the other un-ruptured follicles disappear. The one follicle that ruptured produces a “corpus luteum” which will then secrete the necessary progesterone.

What makes Follicles grow? Hormone signals. What makes the egg drop from one? Hormone signals. Without having to learn to depth and detail, we can be assured that a symphony of hormones are signaling physiological responses and inhibitions.

If your body is making too many follicles, and not dropping an egg, and the follicles stick around and potentially become cystic – all this means is the hormones are out-o-wack.

Now we address hormone balance

APPROACH:   Your body in all it’s brilliance Knows how to work! If it is not ticking optimally, we help it.

where to start?

  1. learn your body

When we first start to look into PCOS, so much that is essential to learn about what the body is- and is not -doing correctly, is best done DIY at-home.

  • track your body’s particular hormonal signs

Track like you are TTC (and maybe you are:-)

Use charts (I offer one from Katie Singer here). I don’t like Apps, even though I have to admit that I never tried one. But what I do know is : often you have to put together the info in a live-human mind (yours!) and the App cannot do that. Therefore, I have seen those Apps confuse people. I used paper, and I know the benefits of that method first-hand.

Track at least: BBT,  CERVICAL FLUID,  LH at-home tests on those few days you need them, BREAST SENSATIONS.

  • optimize your WHOLE lifestyle

Everything effects everything. Like it or not, at the bare-bones we really are a bunch of complex, symphonically organized, bio-chemistry! Our thoughts create chemicals and chemical reactions. Our physiology is delicate. Diet Matters! Sleep matters! Rhythms of exercise and good rest matter!  Stress in overdose effects us poorly. Period.

You know what is a healthy lifestyle for you, I trust.

If you are TTC or have PCOS or both – change your lifestyle for the better – now.

  • targeted blood testing after detailed tracking

Once you have tracked well for 2-3 months you are armed with information to ask your GP or GYN for targetted blood testing for hormone levels. You might see signs that E is too high or P too low or LH not firing well, etc.

All this you can self- assess by tracking! Once you have suspicions of what hormone is off you can then 1. get blood tests to confirm and give more accuracy  and 2. Target your diet and herbal supplements to be right for your particular hormonal needs. Most herbs are specific for specific hormones, don’t us them until you know what’s up!

  •  accupuncture, herbal, & diet specialists

Now, is the time to also choose complimentary medicine , well. Accupuncture has proven effects. It works on whole systems in your body to balance. It is very effective.

Herbalists can guide you well with supplements. Herbs are medicine . Do not use only what google says. Do use what is correct, regularly. It can take months of regular use to see the effect of herbs.

I can help, but I am not a trained herbalist. Just a knowledgeable consumer! I can also refer folks to a great woman here is SF who can do phone consults.

Eat right! If you do not know what that is for you -let’s talk.

And- estrogen dominance is nearly epidemic, some are reporting. I had this. I stopped eating soy and drinking from plastic water bottles. It helped.

We all need to learn about food and environmental toxins and stay smart. These DO matter!

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