Getting pregnant with PCOS

i have pcos and want to get pregnant.


I am going to tell you a unique angle – getting pregnant with PCOS does not necessarily have to be that much harder than any other woman getting pregnant. I would not call PCOS a “cause of infertility” like so many do.

We all need to optimize our fertility if we want to get pregnant naturally. For women with PCOS, tracking, self assessing, and optimizing the hormone balance is just more important than for someone without that diagnosis.

Perhaps even more radical I say this – If you have been diagnosed with PCOS, you do not have PCOS.

What you have is  – -a hormone imbalance.

Although radical, I mean to be helpful. Let’s break it down. When you have a hormone imbalance, what you need then – is to get to the bottom of that imbalance and help  your body do what it knows to do. It is made to function well. Not just well, spectacularly. If you have a hormone imbalance, your body is asking you : please help.

We can pay attention. We can learn facts. We can self assess and optimize. Then, you might find that in fact, there is no PCOS!


pcos is a syndrome, which means, a collection of symptoms


This diagnosis is based on noticing a collections of symptoms. It does not tell us what is at the root of the issue. Indeed most Docs or online articles will tell us “cause in unknown”. I know the cause. A hormone imbalance. Let’s get to helping the body re-balance.

At 22, I was diagnosed with “PCOS”. I was indeed hardly having periods. A top-notch Endocrinologist interviewed me, took one blood draw, not targeted. Then, he threw this at me and sent me home. I was driven to get answers. He did not have them for me, nor seem to care. Mind you, this was PRE-internet (ha! hard to imagine!) and I went to the ultra-huge library in Philadelphia and searched. Even then, I was rebellious. Nothing in print told me what I needed to know; I needed to know how to help my body. And, further, nothing in print confirmed that what that Doc did was thorough enough to make such a claim (which felt a burden to me)! I saw, even then, that hormones vary every day for a woman. He had only drawn blood on one day for two hormones.

A couple years later, with a natropathic MD GYN,  I used a few months of specific herbs daily – and shazaam – I was having a perfectly regular and healthy cycle. It stayed that way for years.

what can you do if you have PCOS diagnosis and want to get pregnant?

If you have a PCOS diagnosis and want to get pregnant, I say: take matters (back) into your own hands. Listen to your body. Learn your body, and help it.

It knows what to do! Somehow it forgot. You can help.

HERE IS YOUR TO-DO list, ladies:

1. TRACK, track , track

Take a few month to track daily, the following at least: BBT, Cervical Fluid, and LH surge

The above data will give you lots of information to move forward

2. Gather your data and take note of the following:

Are you seeing a marked and sustained BBT increase 2-3 days after your LH surge test is positive?

Is your LH test surge positive sometime between CD10-14?

Is your cervical fluid cycling in this basic pattern: Wet, Slippery/EWCM, Dry?

3. LEARN what your above data collection means

You can learn what kind of CF should be made by which hormones. You can learn if you have sure signs of ovulation or not. You can learn if your progesterone levels in your luteal phase look ok. Then , you can ask for targeted blood tests on certain days, according to your data. Or, you can find an ND and get a saliva test work -up over the course of 10 days, multiple times a day, right at home. This way is way more accurate!

4. Take your findings to an Herbalist and an Accupuncturist and ask for help

When I was TTC at 40, my cycles were a bit long, and my ovulation therefore, a bit late. I learned that is not optimal for fertility. Something was imbalanced.

Consulting with my herbalist collaborators and 3 ND who specialize in fertility/women’s health, I learned about these supplements for overall hormone balance. The following are what I used and are indicated for re-balancing hormones in general – note- none of these target any specific hormone.

  4. PRE- NATAL vitamin
  5. No drinking from plastic bottles, no soy, no dairy


can you get pregnant even if you still have the diagnosis?

ABSOLUTELY. Firstly, anything is possible. Women with one fallopian tube get pregnant, women who are nearly in full menopause get pregnant. You CAN get pregnant.

Would you like to be more likely to get pregnant? You can make that happen too – that is, you can increase the likihood. Get your hormones on track.


  1. SLEEP well. Fully. AND, adjust your sleep schedule to be mostly with the dark. Also, check out the methods for Lunception
  2. EAT whole foods, drink a lot
  3. Exercise daily. Especially hip shaking and/or stomping movements. see my instructional video here
  4. BE proactive. Adopt the mentality of helping your body along, taking it by the hand, like you would so compassionately with a child struggling to get something right!



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