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Dearly hoping to conceive? I understand.

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I did too.

I worked hard for the info – a 5 year arduous journey – and now can share it all with you.

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I’m Keren, the founder of Fertility for Real & Fertility Mapping, a Natural Fertility Specialist, and I have been there and done that!

My purpose begins with caring – I care about the thousands of women and couples who want dearly to conceive and make a family, who are struggling, sometimes terribly so, and often alone.

I see there is so little REAL and GOOD information promulgated about your own fertility physiology and self-optimizations.

I want to help women and couples to help themselves. There is SO much you can learn and do, naturally !

I was a persistent researcher & hard-core in taking action, even experimental, when was my turn in TTC . I got my cycle/ovulation right on-time, healed ovarian cysts, established good CF and a good BBT for conception & indeed conceived a few times with my self designed methods for self-insemination.

Now it is my pleasure to offer it all as a Natural Fertility Specialist, with Fertility For Real! Freebies , and the Fertility Mapping Method.

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WHAT THE DOCs (typically) DON’T TELL


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REAL FERTILITY FACTS you need to know and understand

  • what might be preventing sperm from getting to your egg?


  • how your menstrual cycle length DOES effect your fertility level


  • 2 key signals from your body telling you it is the time you can get pregnant


  • when you learn to self-assess, you will likely know more about your fertility than a doc even could tell you


  • how to be sure you are ovulating –  it’s not just an LH test



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