get pregnant sex positions


I continue surprised how much information gets promulgated about sex positions to conceive. really most of it is hype.

If you know some simple facts about your anatomy, you will be able to create the helpful “adjustments” (shall we say?) easily and with a natural feeling in your intimacy. And there is really NOT a lot to say about this topic. But, it is good to know. What is good to know – is your anatomy and how conception WORKS!

be sure that when the sperm is released, it is directly and as much firmly as possible, against the woman’s cervix.

Aside from this, really no other details matter.

the cervix makes its certain fluid for a few days before ovulation that is “sperm food” and as well support the sperm to get into the uterus – a ladder of sorts. that is, when a woman has good fertile physiology her cervix does make this perfect fluid in her fertile window time.

to ensure that sperm can swim into the uterus as well as stay alive until the egg is released (sex should be prior to ovulation), depositing it right up against the cervix will optimize the chances of conception greatly.

you know your own body and your partner’s and how they “fit” so you can  use your own ingenuity and even enjoy how to figure it out -together! 🙂

be sure the sperm is released right up against your cervix. other than that, no headstands or backflips needed (nor advised).

oh just also — have fun and feel joyous!


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