Fertility Boost – the Woman’s Orgasm

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After 5 years TTC and now 2 years mothering twins…I am still flabbergasted that this HUGE tip for TTC is not widely known, and not just known – accepted as based in fact. No Doc I saw ever mentioned it, and everything on -line seems to discuss the speculative nature about if the female orgasm boosts chances to get pregnant.

I believe it. I have first hand experience! I could always feel my cervix pushing downward into the vaginal canal during orgasm. Now it makes sense! That is a built-in mechanism to help “suck up” sperm! I suppose there could be individual differences in interior movements during orgasm, so do check it out for yourself. Maybe you can feel it. But either way, it cannot hurt to add this to your tool-kit.

Let’s reason it through: how can we use the likely fact that a woman’s orgasm increases her chances to conceive, and create a method?

I have reasoned that it is about timing.


How are the mechanics of a woman’s orgasm helpful to get pregnant?

Affirming my direct experience, I have found articles describing this cervical movement during orgasm. The uterus (the cervix is the “neck” of it) does spasm in orgasm. Numerous midwives also told me about this movement. It basically is described as this: a woman’s orgasm creates a movement in the cervix where it dips down further into the vaginal canal, opens, and then retracts. It makes a kind of suction. It sucks little sperm up – just what you want when TTC!


Why does this “cervical suction” matter?

During many times of the month, the vaginal environment, namely its ph, can be hostile to sperm. When a woman has fertile cervical fluid, the sperm are not only kept alive, they eat of that stuff and swim up via its ladder. Many women have this fertile CF just before and during ovulation. Other women, with sub-optimal reproductive health, might not have this essential (to sperm survival) cervical fluid.

So for women without optimal fertile CF, or for women with that fertile CF who want more of a boost, the female orgasm will help! The closer sperm get to the entrance of your cervix, the better their chances of survival and of inseminating the egg. When the suction works, obviously, it can not only help sperm get onto the cervix, but also into it – which is even better when TTC.

Once inside the cervix, if all is good with the sperm itself, hoards of them will make it through the uterus, via the fallopian tube to egg! Which is where you want it – banging on that egg!


Why does Cervical Fluid matter?

In any TTC trial, with or without a rightly-timed orgasm, fertile Cervical Fluid matters a lot! The best days to get sperm into the reproductive tract are all days when the woman has cervical fluid that is off egg-white consistency (also called EWCM).

This fluid matters. If you don’t have it, there are natural ways to support your body making it. However, a healthy reproductive system will produce this fluid from the cervix during the pre-ovulatory fertile window. Why? Because the body operates to get pregnant and this stuff is both sperm food and the ladder it climbs into the womb!


When is the best timing for the woman’s orgasm?

If timing an orgasm sounds too “unnatural”, I invite you to give it a chance – timing really matters.

If timed exactly when semen is ejaculated, it is most likely that semen go directly into the cervix. This is, again, exactly where you want it – where it will have the best chance to survive. So, the primo timing is to have an orgasm exactly as semen is expelled.

If you cannot time that perfectly (though practice makes perfect and it can be fun to practice!), then the next best is for the woman to have at least one orgasm just after semen is expelled. Yes, at least one! (Hey, why not up your chances?)

I was doing at-home inseminations with donor sperm as a single woman. In this case of at-home inseminations, the method works the same: inseminate, then, orgasm at least once.


Can I do this alone ?

Yes, at-home insemination is a great method for single and lesbian couples. Additionally, any woman, in any type of relationship, could have other reasons why insemination solo will help her chances in TTC.

At-home insemination can be easy and intimate when you got your method down. Your own at-home insemination can even give better chances to conceive than IUI in a clinic. So, yes, included in “solo” inseminating is your own method to create your climax, once the “seeds” are inserted properly.


What kind of orgasm are we talking about?

There is a small distinction about the type of orgasm that is helpful to detail. Because sex for conception should include the woman’s orgasm at the same time as the man’s or just after, then consider all the possibilities of clitoral orgasm.

Vaginal orgasm might not be optimal at this point in your “baby dancing”, as it works by interior stimulation, and often varying the positions. In conception sex, you want to be on your back during and after semen is expelled. After sperm is inside the woman is the best time for the orgasm, but not a good time for any other insertions or too much moving around on her part. Clitoral stimulation for climax is most recommended, therefore.


Your take away?

You will boost your chances to conceive when you put some attention on the timing of the woman’s orgasm during “conception-sex” or at-home insemination. Conception sex works best when the woman’s orgasm is exactly at the same time, or just after, the sperm is ejaculated. And, in at-home insemination, after sperm is placed on the cervix.

Practice the methods, find your flow with it, so you can also feel natural and relaxed while using a great technique to up your chances to conceive.


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