Expert help to get pregnant – boost your fertility level

When it was my turn on the tough road of TTC, I bee-lined to EXPERTS!

The story of ticking-time was a constant- ring in my mind. I was just starting TTC at 40 years old (and single to boot).

I had to find fertility experts. I had to understand my own fertility. I had to act fast.

I went only to experts to learn about trying to conceive and fertility BUT, most importantly, I was intent to find some experts without incentives.

what kind of fertility experts did I consult with?

I choose consults with experts who had no incentive to take me in a specific direction; I needed those who had nothing to sell me, except maybe just fertility facts. I had to understand if I was fertile and how fertile was I, and how to get pregnant. I did not want anyone to start me with intervention methods.

I did not start out with a single “Infertility Specialist” who ran a clinic, nor not the average GYN who likely has not time to teach me my body, nor necessarily an expertise in TTC.

I wanted to learn my BODY and work with it for optimal fertility!

Via some smart and groovy midwives, I found two women who are MDs and NDs (natropathic doctors) and additionally specialize in women’s health and fertility. Another was an OB/GYN who works holistically. Over the course of the first half year, I got these three primo experts on my consult team.

what are the little-known keys experts gave me on fertility ?

In addition to the grace of my twin tots, my whole 5 year journey gifted me some uncommon knowledge. I am devoted to sharing it onward. Here are some of the most “expert” tips from the (non-incentive based) experts I had by my side on my TTC road:


  • on-time ovulation matters….when wanting optimal chances to conceive


  • do test semen for over 36 years old men…right at the outset of TTC


  • low BBTs can indicate that thyroid function is sub-optimal… regardless of what blood testing shows


  • saliva testing is more precise and more useful than blood testing. ..can be done at home for reasonable cost

why I call myself a self-appointed expert

I made it my business to learn via exhaustive research. I consulted with the best, repeatedly. I experimented with my body and found solutions to optimize both fertility and inseminations ,at-home, all supported by the stacks of data I tracked-daily- really well. I cared enough for me to do all this. I grew an immense care for the hosts of women TTC without good information. I am devoted to be thorough and accurate.

As a woman who has walked the hard TTC road, and a lay person who is an ultimate researcher, I have become an expert in:

– how to assess your own fertility


how to use at-home , DIY, methods to optimize your fertility- enhancements- before seeking intervention options.

I have a treasure chest of enhancements and optimizations for fertility and TTC.  Interventions are indeed what our average MDs do best. Infertility Medicine specializes in interventions. We might deem that we need them. Yet, before we turn to them, we can help ourselves. I have the expertise to help you do that!


sooooo – do this if you want some expertise to conceive 🙂

Call me. I will help you learn the above and more. It is my (expert:-) pleasure to help!


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