Does late Ovulation mean my Eggs are Bad?

Many women can attest that even with late ovulation they conceived. Yes, it is possible. The egg can be good, even if it arrived past CD14/15/16… and everything can work out fine. Indeed, lots of situations CAN result in a pregnancy – even a broken condom! 🙂 right?

SO – if you are trying to conceive and really intent on it – the best advise is to optimize. It’s not a question of  “Can I get pregnant even if…” but rather, we need to ask:  “How can I boost my chances to get pregnant?” Late ovulation is not an optimal situation.

There are things about our fertility we can effect . And these are much more than the typical Doc will tell you! Then, of course, we let-go of the elements we cannot effect. And trust.

I started to optimize my fertility only at 40 when i decided to conceive despite being single also. I was able to encourage my cycle to be crisp and to ovulate right on time, more so than ever in my life, and all by natural methods.

It was important to me to do my best. Now, it is important to me to help others to have the most accurate, tailored, information and to support them to do their best!

Late ovulation is known to be not optimal.

I have heard different opinions but mostly – get your ovulation on-time. I’d say no one, even experts are really sure.  How could they do a lab experiment to prove this? The experts I consulted with, most of them warned that late ovulation is not optimal. There is the belief that late ovulation can make an “over ripe” egg, which may result in no conception or early m/c.

One never knows! Of course, it is possible to get pregnant with any egg, any time. But optimal? I have understood that to be in an optimal conception situation, on-time ovulation is one of the keys.



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