DIY at-home insemination could be better than IUI

Women – check out your body and your particular situation. You might not be best served to run to a clinic for IUI.


What have you tried?


Consider this – how good are your sperm. Motile? High count? If all is indeed well there, then why might they not be making it up and through the womb?

Think about these things:


  • do you have sperm-friendly cervical fluid each month and at the right time of the month?

if not, that must be optimized. you can do this with diet, massage and exercise.

  • is sperm being ejaculated right on your cervix?

this is essential to ensure the easiest travel. so – gotta check , make sure you know what it feels like when you cervix is pressed in sex and make sure when sperm is expelled that you are in the position to feel it against your cervix. if this is not happening, DIY at-home insemination techniques might be better even than your normal sex.

and of course, if you are already doing at-home insemination with either a fresh or frozen donation, make sure your technique puts the sperm right up against your cervix.


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