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Hi Friends –

As you look around at Fertility for Real, please take note of the following notes :-). And have a great time, getting empowered for TTC!

Here you go:

I am NOT a doc or herbalist and am NOT giving advise as a trained medical professional.

I AM a trained and seasoned counselor for decades, in a practice akin to life-coaching. supporting folks in healing & through major transitions: dealing with trauma (physical and emotional) navigating relationships, various dis-eases, questions of purpose, divorce (and marriage too:-)).

ALL of my knowledge about: the reproductive system, fertility optimization, self insemination and TTC…
…comes from 4 years of direct experience , starting at 40 years old, to optimize my own fertile health and self-inseminate (as a single woman). I did a TON of research, being very selective and cross-referencing my reading. I interviewed uncommonly available experts, and formed alliances with professionals in the field….
and I TRIED and/or created myself many DIY at-home methods of insemination and gaining crisp fertile health.
SO – – that makes me a (self- authorized:-)) civilian, coach and woman with a good knowledge on these topics, with a big heart and passion to help other women, and with long term experience in counseling.

…as always, look forward to being of service ….

About Affiliate Links

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Every purchase of a product on this site, an affiliate link, supports Fertility for Real to provide it’s wealth of complimentary information and support – at no additional cost to you. In fact, my hope is that we all win- as these product recommendations and links in my content here, save you time and energy!

Please be assured that ANY and all products I refer to and link to here, I have used (and not just once!) and liked. These are the tools I researched and became the cream of the crop in my years-long trials TTC and to increase my reproductive health. So, no light recommendations here!

Please, if you have any other questions on how this works, contact me via the contact page. Meanwhile, enjoy our affiliates’ selections!