Conception Sex, having sex the right way for TTC

Conception Sex

For many of us, the bulk of our sexually active years involved all kinds of tension and tricks to not get pregnant!

But, now, if you want to conceive, be advised to not buy into the common idea that you would “just stop using contraception”.

I am also not in favor of the common notion that if that doesn’t work over some period of months, you are “infertile”! That is a big leap. stopping contraception is often , very often NOT enough to conceive, particularly for women over even just 25 years old.

learn about how conceiving works – the anatomy and physiology of conception – and don’t “just have sex”, but do the things that work with sex in order to conceive!

-#1 test his sperm. get confirmation that it’s doing well (no matter his age or health) and/or address any issues ASAP, don’t wait

– #2 track your whole cycle, to learn your personal fertile window. this can easily take some months

-both are necessary to time sex for conception and timing sex for conception is absolutely essential!

see this short video to learn more about how to have sex for conception


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