Get pregnant as a Single Woman

How to Conceive as a Single Woman

Choosing to conceive as a single woman or in a lesbian partnership does bring a few different considerations than in a heterosexual partnership.

Here you are ready and willing – but of course you will need some sperm. so, the “how to’s” for this type of TTC have additional considerations.

Firstly, it is (like for any woman) most essential to begin learning your own cycle and your optimal fertility window.

There is a specific education to the anatomy and physiology of fertility you’d be best served to get started with.

Here is a starter checklist:

  1.  track your own menstrual cycle and fertility window, keeping a log and learning how optimal your fertility physiology is and making adjustments naturally as needed.
  2. clean up your diet, habits and thoughts. you want a good egg and there is evidence that each egg has a 90 -day process where in that time the blood stream (and thus all in the blood) contacts it as it “ripens”
  3.  think about choices: anonymous donor, known donor, at-home insemination, clinical procedure.
  4. any emotional support needed  to check in with your own deepest soul-call and be in line with it.

see this video for tips and advise regarding how to conceive as a single woman.



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