Choosing an Infertility Doctor

Choosing an Infertility Doctor

Oh,  I do wish more doctors would refer to themselves as fertility doctors, as the goal is indeed to be optimally fertile and that is what they support for many patients who are not actually infertile at all!

Those patients just need some help and guidance. Most people wanting to conceive, having troubles or not, are not infertile at all – they are, rather, under-educated and unaware of what it might take for their body(ies) to step-up and do it!

Still, there are times and situations when you will want to visit this type of doctor and make good use of his/her skills and resources.

Here is the best tip:

learn about your fertility first, track your cycles well, know what your goals are – the doctor is there to serve your goals and if these are not clear you could end up just navigating his/her agenda.

Remember you are FERTILE until proven otherwise !  – and that can take a lot of tests, efforts to optimize fertile health, and trials.

see this short video to understand more about choosing an infertility doctor


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