Get Pregnant without a Man -Better than Turkey Baster!

The turkey baster is not at all a myth, but there is better!

Squirting sperm into the vagina can work. of course. Sperm do have a lifespan outside the body – of up to 60 minutes even!

Based on folk lore, it has worked (well, more likely a syringe than an actual baster).

Yet, in my diligent self-education and experimentation, I have found a better way. Even in some situations, self-insemination is better than sex! (well, likely not more pleasurable, but in certain circumstances surely more effective).


how to get pregnant witout a man - better than turkey baster

The key point for at-home insemination is:

no matter who you are and what your age, the sperm is best deposited right at the cervix (neck of the uterus) rather than just any old place in the vaginal canal.

How it gets deposited, via the regular ol’ penis or other means, makes no difference. But, either way you have to do it right.

see this short video for some tips about what can work better than a turkey baster


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