At Home Insemination Success Rates

at home insemination success

I am aware of many sites that are posting success rates for at-home insemination. I have to doubt their claims. As you can see in my video discussion here, we do not have a standardized method of at home insemination nor a system of checking how well people at home are doing their method in order to make these statistics.

In my direct experience, when we gain GOOD knowledge of how sperm work, how the vaginal tract, cervix and it’s fluid work, we can design an at-home insemination method that might indeed yield BETTER chances of conceiving than intercourse!

In certain cases, I even recommend to hetero couples to use self- insemination techniques. Most of what is promulgated online and even the at-home insemination kits being sold, are not offering the methods and tools that are most effective. They might be “maybe” effective. But not the best! This is a situation where you want to self-educate and optimize!

So, your success rate is/will be YOURS.

That success depends on how well you learn your fertility physiology and choose the best tools for YOU (all easy to get at a local pharmacy and/or online) . Here’s your checklist:

  • learn your cycle’s daily events including LH surge and ovulation
  • observe and optimize your cervical fluid
  • observe and optimize your “anatomical fit” with your partner (if there is a male partner involved)
  • track your cervix position at the fertile time of each month
  • learn your precise fertility window and choose the best timing for insemination (especially if paying by the dose for semen!)

Your success can be within a few months tops IF you have tracked and optimized your fertility physiology – I am sure. I myself had a number of at-home insemination successes (though all were chemical pregnancies which indicated egg-quality issues, while also proving the techniques’ success!!)

All these tips above is why i created Fertility Mapping . It is dear to me that people get ACCURATE and SPECIFIC information to their UNIQUE situation. I know myself how this is hard to come by. This is what I offer. For vastly less investment that a fertility clinic’s procedures, my guidance can show you how to conceive right at home, efficiently and even joyfully!! I offer FREE INITIAL CONSULTS, of course, in order for your to see how much I can offer you in trying to conceive!

all the best ….keren


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