What people are saying...

  • Soon after I started with Fertility Mapping, I had a sudden miscarriage. Keren was right there - she was the most compassionate presence, opened up last-minute availability, and just kept guiding me along. She helped me think clearly about future choices. I am very grateful I found Keren.
    Erica, New Mexico
  • Thank you for all of your help. I don't even know you but your voice has been so calming and comforting for me in a stressful time. I really appreciate it!
    P.S. Washington, DC
  • After years of being mishandled and misguided in fertility clinics, I found Keren and she was right there with me. She really understood what I had been through, emotionally and technically and encouraged me right away for my next steps. Now better informed, I can approach this new doctor with clear goals. I am grateful to have now Keren's knowledge and emotional support as I continue to try to conceive
    Sophia, Athens, Greece
  • Keren has been a wonderful resource, mixing personal and spiritual wisdom with technical knowledge.  I totally recommend her to anyone looking for help with conception!
    Scott, Colorado
  • Keren was recommended by a friend when I was already over 40. I still wanted a  baby and got some test results that put me in despair. The Doc had thrown numbers at me and basically said I was nearly menopausal. Keren sat with me and went over the tests, explained my physiology to me (I never really got it!) and why she could honestly say the game was not over. I had been mislead. It's still not easy to face what is in front of me,  but at least now that I have Keren with me in this, I can do my best. I wish I had known years ago that there was a service like this!
    Stella, Santa Fe