“Fertility for Real” is…

an information station for all things fertility – accurately!  Low-cost webinars, complimentary blog access, youtube videos and no charge quick calls to check out the fertility mapping method are some of the ways we provide information and education, to make getting pregnant easier !

the “Fertility Mapping” method is…

a series of personal consults that give you an accurate-to-you education in fertility physiology in order to both self- assess & optimize your fertility level, step by step. You will chart your way to conceive, lay it out like a map…you can make informed & empowered choices every step of the way.  We consult by phone or video.

meet keren

“Seeing every client a unique individual, I bring astute listening, along with clever inquiring, followed by detailed planning along with broad visioning of all possibilities.”

Becoming an uncommon expert, Keren actualized her pro-creation goals over 5 years through extensive study, unique interviews with experts, at-home DIY trials (with errors), and international travels …all with incredible persistence!  

Keren founded “Fertility for Real” & “Fertility Mapping”  synthesizing this extensive direct-experience with fertility physiology & TTC, with her decades-long work as Spiritual Guide and Counselor. She holds an MA in Interdisciplinary arts and her professional work spans from Performing Arts & Yoga, to Ceremonial arts, Counseling & teaching internationally.

Currently, I am mostly mommy-ing (over)full-time with toddler twins. I am also joyfully providing the services of “Fertility for Real” and “Fertility Mapping.” And, I am launching courses in skillful communications, titled “SPEAKWELL”. I spend my “free-time” sweeping and mopping for fitness!

And prior to this remarkable time….

 Keren Khaya Abrams has pioneered new approaches in embodied consciousness, performing arts & healing arts services for over two decades.

Since 2004, I have been in private practice teaching and counseling private clients internationally. I created the unique modalities of: “Alchemy” somatic-energy work, as well as “Movement Medicine Arts” for embodied consciousness, healing & for advanced performing arts.

I have been a professional modern dancer and performing artist since 1995, both teaching and performing interdisciplinary Live Art in beginning levels, professional levels and University settings.

I am bi-lingual in Hebrew, and ordained as a Hebrew Ritual Artist , Omana’ya, in the lineage of Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi. I sing vocals and play percussion, particularly devotional prayer type of music , often using ancient hebrew text with my unique melodies (see me CD here).  I have been a devoted yoga-asana and meditation practitioner for over half my life, and engage regularly in practices of contemplative chant &  Authentic Movement, as part of my life-style.

Herbalist Lynn Childson

Lynn Childson, Bsc in Botanical Medicine & Clinical Applications.

A Medical Herbalist practicing in the Southwest area for over 20 years, Lynn has a passion to empower people to find natural resources for their health, especially through the medicinal use of plants.  She is a frequent guest lecturer at Massage Schools and the Ayurvedic Institute, in New Mexico. Crafting herbal medicine herself has given her expert direct experience into plants’ potencies. She has an extensive knowledge of the body’s physiology and an exceptional ability to condense difficult medical concepts when guiding people to use herbal medicine effectively.



Deborah Newberg. Belly Dance, Yoga, and wellness through movement. www.sultanahdancers.org


Celeste Wray Villegas. Chinese Medicine DOM