A Few Days of Positive OPKs – what could this mean ?

If you are getting consecutive days of positives, that means the LH is staying high.

This is not necessarily a concern. Usually not. Most typically, LH will spike for one day at most, and then taper off. It also usually builds up, gradually, and so for a few days before the peak, if you are using tests that show lines, you will see the line darken.

If after one positive OPK you see more, it could be simply – fine. Though most professionals do recommend to not even test again after one positive. I imagine that is because it is already known that such a situation, of consecutive positive tests could be confusing, and likely is showing no issue.

I’d also advise, once it is positive, don’t test further -unless- the positive day is a Cycle Day (CD) that is unusually early for you, like CD8, 9, 10. In this case, you would want to keep testing because that could have been a false surge. A false surge would be the LH hormone ramping up, but did not manage to trigger an egg release, and so it will ramp up again and most likely release the egg around your normal timing.

THINGS TO CHECK FOR IF YOU DO HAVE MORE THAN ONE DAY OF POSITIVE OPKs, which are in your normal mid-cycle days.

– Keep checking BBT, to confirm ovulation. Especially in this case, you want to be able to confirm ovulation.

– Check your cervix – high? soft? open? If so, then you are indeed most likely about to ovulate and the extra positives don’t matter really.

– Do you have EWCM? If you do, that is good. At least those – your CF and your LH surge- are coordinated.

When LH stays up, it could be having trouble kicking out an egg. That simply could be a normal variation this month. BUT if you do not ovulate, then you’d want to assess that and address it.


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