5-step Fertility Boost. Get pregnant by getting facts!


Women, be aware . Fertility starts with awareness!

There is so much we can learn, that no one taught us, basics even, but these will really increase our chances to get pregnant, most quickly.

These 5 steps, are clear and specific, so you can easily make them. Know that paying attention and tracking, making informed choices (like even just when to have conception sex) are now your TOOLS. With the following advise, I aim to put you at the center of your experience in TTC and arm you with facts, so you can get to your goal!

boost your fertility

  1. TRUST YOUR BODY then TRACK AND CHART your fertility physiology, DIY. at-home

Trust is here before “Track”. We need to first realize that our body is a symphony resounding in perfection, at least, that is what it is MADE to be. So intricate, and so coordinated, it is.

If there are “out of tune” spots, or “off-rhythms”, it is a signal that our body needs attention.

We must approach with trust. So that when we track, we are encouraged by what we find. And, when we find sub-optimal signs, we are inspired to help the body, rather than feeling a burden of (what some women do call) the “bad”body and a pressure to fix it. Stress NEVER helps.

I recommend a journal for charting or a hand-composed chart like this one, by Katie Singer, who also authored a great and important book for all TTC women.   (See the box below to order a copy now!)

2.  CHART YOUR Cervical Fluid (CF)

Every day, record if your CF is:    Creamy   Slick   Wet   Watery   Dry   Slippery   or   Egg-White Consistency

3.  CHART your BBT every morning

Use any digital thermometer. Upon waking, take your temp before you speak, eat, drink or get out of bed. Best is to do this around the same time (within the same hour) each morning.

4. TRACK your LH surge with at-home tests

More details and recommended products for this, at this post here >

5.  LIVE an optimally healthy lifestyle.

You can ask me or other experts in health for specifics on this, but in tune with “trust your body”, I FIRST say “trust yourself”. You know what is truly healthy and enlivening for you!

And Why does a healthy lifestyle matter when TTC? Because that symphony works better when we nourish it!  Read more about this in my other post >



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