4 Best Ways to Know if You are Fertile

Am I fertile? , you ask… Maybe you have been trying for a while TTC, or maybe you want to get your best shot going from the beginning, or maybe you are over 36 and have your doubts – it is great to ask: Am I fertile?  and great to get the facts. DIY!

Am I fertile?  here is the 4-step check   –  all DIY!

Am I Fertile ? the 4-step check



do you have regular cycles that are between 26-32 days, typically, and with few exceptions?


do you have Cervical Fluid that becomes watery, slippery and then like egg-white consistency on approximately days 10-14 of your cycle, each time. And especially do you have 1-3 days of very obvious Cervical Fluid that is egg-white consistency (EWCM)?


do you test positive for an LH surge approximately on day 11-14 of your cycle with at-home OPKs?


does your BBT (basal body temp) show a clear and mostly sustained rise within 2-4 days after your positive OPK?

If your answers to the above are all YES, you are showing ALL signs of optimal fertility physiology.

If some of the answers are NO or I DON’T KNOW, then it is time to optimize!

These are things you can learn to track and self-assess at home. (see other posts and videos for more help:-)

If you have been TTC for a while or are over 36, you might want to add in blood work and ultrasound testing to help support your knowledge of being fertile, but not always are those necessary – AND – always the steps here are important to track and have record of, whether or not you will see an RE or Doc for additional support.



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