How to Track & Confirm Ovulation – 3 essentials


and what is optional?


  1.   track CF fluid and see that it becomes fertile (wet, slippery, and at best EWCM)
  2.   use LH  surge at-home tests  (OPKSs). and see the positive happen.

i highly recommend getting both of the products in the boxes below.

Details for how and why to use both are in THIS post…but in short, you will use the cheaper ones more often, to see the LH build up also, until the surge. And then you will use the more expensive (clearblue) to confirm when the Wondfo looks likely positive. Each cycle you will use about 4/day of the Wondfo- so probably 16-20 of them, and then 1-2, maybe 3, of the Clearblue.

3. BBT temp tracking. See the temp rise within 3-5 days after positive OPK

optional and helpful

  1. check cervix position. see that it changed to low, hard and closed
  2. drying CF pattern AFter ovulation date

for more help tracking and confirming that you are ovulating, join us in the private FB group, Fertility for Real:woman to woman , and ask your questions there

obviously, you need to ovulate to make a baby. no one is better equipt to learn if you are ovulating than YOU. the above self-tracking and assessments, are better than what a doc can do for you, at least at first.

if you suspect you are not ovulating or what to pinpoint the day of ovulation, tracking and confirming ovulation DIY is your best route .

i can help further on the fb group and/or with private consults in “fertility mapping”


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